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Junior Selena Mon-ShapeTight pull-on - grey, fullgrip

EUR 74.95

No. 4073-63

Try these new junior Selena pull-on tights and feel the difference. Mon-ShapeTight is a technical fabric that makes sure the riding tights stay in perfect shape while still having a sporty look. The breathable material keeps the skin dry and gives a comfortable feeling. Add to that a strong two-color graphic silicone print, and you have a pair of junior riding tights that you can rely on.

Mon-ShapeTight 82 % polyamide, 18 % elastane 

  • Pull-on tights
  • Mon-ShapeTight
  • High waist 
  • Silicone fullgrip
  • High support and flexibility
  • Breathable 
  • Premium look

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