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Customized Rink Bridle Black

EUR 199.95

No. 66001-4

Our bestseller Monarch in a special customized tone-in-tone bridle with a sparkling browband. The Monarch Adapt noseband is designed to avoid pressure on the sensitive mouth and jaw area of the horse. Soft curves make space for the facial nerves and the big back teeth, while the softly padded cushion protects the jaw bone. The headpice is ergonomically designed to increase the comfort of the horse. It has a V-gap and soft padding which gives your horse more freedom. All outer loops are lined with rubber, so you never have to bother with loose straps while riding. Feel the difference.

  • Ergonomic headpiece with V-gap
  • Strap holders with silicone grip
  • Ecological tanned leather
  • Reduces the risk of skin irritations
  • Extra soft leather
  • Long lasting 
  • Also available in brown - write to for special order
  • Approved for use in FEI Jumping, Dressage and Eventing competitions for horses. 


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