When comfort is the highest priority

The Montar bridles are made in leather from Europe to ensure you and your horse the best quality. The leather is organically tanned, which means the bridle leather is processed without the use of chrome to minimize the risk of skin irritations. 

All bridles are carefully designed to meet the needs of the horse and rider. The combined nosebands do all have a completely detachable flash strap - perfect for double bridles, hunter or show. Rubber on the inside of the loops keeps all straps in place, and beautiful and decorative stitches in either creme or tone-in-tone give the bridles an elegant look. 

What is organic leather?

Our leather is tanned naturally by plant enzymes instead of chemicals (chrome). The vegetarian tanning process is a long process done with oil and extract/juice of bark, plants, branches, roots, and seeds. Tanning with plants is extremely in-depth and up to 80% of the tannic acid is absorbed into the leather, thus leaving little surplus material - what is in excess is even 100% biodegradable. Vegetable-tanned is generally very durable compared to leather tanned with chemicals and very environmental friendly. One of the best features in organically tanned leather is the reduced risk of skin irritation and allergies. Feel the difference!