Montar Yati fabric

A big part of the Montar breeches succes is due to the comfortable and functional Yati fabric. 

We believe that equestrian clothes must be comfortable and functional and still being fashionable. Therefore, we have strict requirements for the fabric used for our riding breeches. The Yati fabric has been developed in collaboration with our skilled suppliers, and it has a wide range of functional features that you can read about below.

Yati is your guarantee for comfortable and durable riding breeches at a fair price.



Yati functional features:

High comfort

Yati gives you the perfect combination of flexibility and firmness. A pair of Montar Yati breeches gives you excellent support while having the freedom to move while sitting in the saddle and during stable work.

Premium look

The smooth surface of the Yati fabric gives the breeches a beautiful look that reflects the high quality of the material. Besides, the color of the fabric is extra long-lasting and keeps your breeches look new for much longer.


Yati breeches give you an optimal fit, thanks to the very flexible 4 way stretch fabric. The fabric
makes Montar breeches very comfortable to wear and the high quality of the fabric ensures that the elasticity does not loosen during use.  

Moisture wicking

Our breathable Yati riding breeches provide a comfortable feeling and optimal freedom. The Yati fabric is designed with moisture wicking characteristics to keep your skin dry during training.

Water repellent

The Yati fabric is smooth and lets water drops "roll" over the fabric rather than being absorbed. Yati breeches keep you dry longer than other breeches.

Fair prices

We use the specially developed Yati fabric for many of our riding breeches. Due to the very large
quantities, we can offer our popular riding breeches at a good price.