Montar Leather Collection

When comfort is the highest priority

Montar's ecological leather collection consists of a wide variety of innovative bridles for jumping, dressage, military and more. As part of the collection, shiny browbands are also available in all colours and reins in leather, rubber and web.

As is the case for our equestrian collections, both function and style are important features of our leather products. The bridles are ergonomically designed to increase the comfort of the horse, while elegant stitching and functional details ensure a modern style.

Montar's ecological leather is carefully selected and tanned without the use of chrome which also reduce skin irritation. It provides a more environmentally friendly product that lasts for many years.

How to maintain your leather products

Ergonomically designed

Avoid sensitive areas

Soft lining provides increased comfort

Makes the horse relax

Ecologically tanned

Made without the use of chrome

Reduces the risk of skin irritation

Better for the environment 

How to maintain your leather products

Before use

We recommend that you protect your new bridle or reins with leather grease, conditioner or oil before using it the first time. Separate the bridle from the reins and allow the leather to absorb the care product - preferably overnight - before using it.

After daily training

Leather's biggest enemy is sweat. Sweat has a high content of salt, which dries the leather and makes it stiff. Stiff leather is not comfortable for the horse and it increases the risk of cracks in the leather that can irritate and gnaw the horse's delicate skin. It is therefore important to clean the leather products after they have been exposed to sweat.

After daily training, we recommend using a combined cleaning and maintenance product. These products are available as a spray that easily applies to the leather, especially where it has been in contact with sweaty skin. It is easy to wipe off with a dry cloth or towel. Make sure your bridle is never damp when you leave it after training.


In addition to daily cleaning, the leather products must undergo a more thorough cleaning every few weeks, depending on how dirty the leather is.

When cleaning, all leather parts must be separated and thoroughly cleaned with leather soap and a soft sponge. Never use stiff sponges or tools that can scratch the surface of the leather, and never let the leather soak. Difficult parts of the bridle around the bit and buckles are easy to clean with a soft toothbrush. After cleaning with soap, wipe the leather with a dry cloth.

When the leather is dry, apply grease, conditioner or oil to all leather parts. Let the leather absorb the care product before reassembling bridle and reins.

Special care for browbands with stones

To keep your Montar browbands nice and shiny, it is important that you do not expose them to sharp objects that may scratch the stones or the decoration. Leather soap and grease must not be used on stones and sockets. Instead, use a soft cloth and gently brush away the dust. Make sure that the cloth does not get stuck in the metal sockets.