Would you like to join us? We are currently looking for Briddle Fitters in Germany, Sweden, Denmark and Great Britain.

About the job

A Montar Bridle Fitter will be responsible for:

  • Schedule bridle fittings in private stables, at events or similar places.
  • Work close with the Bridle Fitter Region Manager.


  • Equestrian person with high standards and thoughts about equine welfare.
  • Understands the importance of correctly fitted tack and equipment.


  • Must possess or obtain a registered company/license and carry insurance for maintaining the job as a Bridle Fitter.
  • Must be minimum 21 years and have a valid driver license and own or have access to a car.
  • Must be comfortable and able to demonstrate the necessary skills to interact with other people’s horses.
  • Must meet our requirements of minimum bridle fittings per month.

Would you like to apply? Contact michael@montar.dk with the topic ”Bridle fitter”. We look forward to hear from You :-)